Monday, 21 November 2016

Stationery Equipment for Magnetic Particle Inspection.

Stationary magnetic particle inspection equipment is designed for use in laboratory or production environment. The most stationary system is the wet horizontal (bench) unit. Wet horizontal units are designed to allow for batch inspections of a variety of components. The units have head and tail stocks (similar to lathe) with electrical contact that the part can be clamped between. A circular magnetic field is produced with direct magnetization.  The tail stock can be moved and locked into place to accommodate parts of various lengths. To assist the operator in clamping the parts, the contact on the headstock can be moved pneumatically via a foot switch.
Most units also have a movable coil that can be moved into place so the indirect magnetization can be used to produce a longitudinal Magnetic field. Most coils have five turns and can be obtained in a variety of sizes. The wet magnetic particle solution is collected and held in a tank. A pump and hose system is used to apply the particle solution to the component being inspected. Either the visible or fluorescent particles can be used. Some of the system offer a variety of options in electrical current used for magnetizing the component. The operator has the option to use AC, half wave DC, or full wave DC.In some units, a demagnetization features is built in, which uses the coil and decaying AC.