Thursday, 24 November 2016

Lights for Magnetic Particle Inspection.

Magnetic particle inspection can be performed using particles that are highly visible under white light conditions or particles that are highly visible under ultraviolet light conditions. When an inspection is being performed using the visible color contrast particles, no special lighting is required as long as the area of inspection is well lit.A light intensity of at least 1000 lux (100fc) is recommended when visible particles are used, but a variety of light sources can be used.
When fluorescent particles are used, special ultraviolet light must be used. Fluorescence is defined as the property. of emitting radiation as a result of and during exposure to radiation. Particles used in fluorescent magnetic particle inspections are coated with a material that produces light in the visible spectrum when exposed to near - ultraviolet light. This "particle glow" provides high contrast indications on the component anywhere particles collect. Particles that fluoresce yellow - green are most common because this color matches the peak sensitivity of the human eye under dark conditions. However, particles that fluoresce red, blue, yellow, and green colors are available.