Sunday, 6 November 2016


With direct magnetization, current passed directly through the component. Recall that whenever current flows, a magnetic field is produced. Using the right-hand rule, which was introduced earlier, it is known that the magnetic lines of flux form normal to the direction of the current and form a circular field in and around the conductor. When using the direct magnetization method, care must be taken to ensure that good electrical contact is established and maintained between the test equipment and the test component improper contact can result in arcing that may damage the component. It is also possible to overheat component in areas of high resistance such as the contact points and in areas of small cross - sectional area.
  There are several ways that direct magnetization is commonlyaccomplished. One way involves clamping the component between two electrical contacts in a special piece of equipment. Current is passed through the component and a circular magnetic field is established in and around the component.
  When the magnetizing current is stopped, a residual magnetic field will remain within the component. The strength of the induced magnetic field if proportional to the amount of current passed through the component.