Wednesday, 19 October 2016


The miniature angle-beam is a calibration Block that was designed for the US Air Force for use in the field for instrument calibration. The block is much smaller and lighter than IIW block but performs many of the same functions. The miniature angle-beam block can be used to check the beam angle and exit point of the transducer. The block can be used to make metal - distance and sensitivity calibrations for both angle and normal - beam inspection setups.
A block that closely resembles the miniature angle-beam block and is used in a similar way is the DSC AWS block. This block is used to determine the beam exit point and refracted angle of angle - beam transducers and to calibration distance and set sensitivity for both normal and angle beam inspection setups. Instructions on using the DSC block can be found in the annex of American society for testing and materials standard E164, standard practice for ultrasonic contact Examination of weldment.