Saturday, 17 September 2016

Angle beam transducers in ultrasonic testing.

Angle beam transducers :-Angle beam transducers and wedges are typically used to introduce a refrected shear wave into the test material. Transducer can be purchased in a variety of fixed angles or adjustable versions where the user determines the angles of incidence and refraction. In the fixed angle versions, the angle of refraction that is marked on the transducer is only accurate for a particular material,, which is usually steel. The angled sound path allows the sound beam to be reflected from the Blackwell to improve detectability of flaws in and around welded areas. They are also used to generate surface waves for use in detecting defects on the surface of component.
Normal incident shear wave transducer:-are unique because they allow the introduction of shear waves directly into a test piece without the use of an angle beam wedge. Careful design has enabled manufacturing of transducers with minimal longitudinal wave contamination. The ratio of the longitudinal to shear wave component is generally below -30dB.
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